Sunday, July 4, 2010

Heavy Breath - Synthemesc Dreams

Heavy, weird, groovy, stoner, experimental hardcore from Connecticut. For fans of: Glassjaw, 108, Rage Against The Machine, Converge, Quicksand, Every Time I Die, Eyehategod, Refused, etc.

1. I: Ingestion
2. II: Aggression
3. III: Incarceration
4. IV: Rehabilitation
5. IV: Regression

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Die Young-Survival Instinct

1. Mutually Assured Destruction
2. Some Salvation
3. There Is No Rest
4. Survival Instinct
5. Light Of Our Misery
6. Among The Ruins
7. For The Kids* (Trial)
8. The Messenger


Dead Hearts-No Love, No Hope

1. Burning
2. Bright Lights, Burnt City
3. Adult Crash
4. Goodbye
5. These Our Are Lives
6. Waking
7. Uglytown


Dead Hearts-Dead Hearts

1. In Our Hands, Once Again
2. Breakdown
3. Small Town Tragedy
4. Heart Shaped Coffin
5. Dear Jane Letter
6. Deeper Shade Of Dull
7. Forever
8. Bright Lights, Burnt City


Comadre-Burn Your Bones

1. Make Me Believe
2. Breakfast Of Champions
3. El Padre Macho
4. The Southern Comfort Smile
5. Sabado Gigante
6. Blackland Dirt
7. Hey Holmes, Slow Down
8. Naw, You Catch Up
9. The Hole In The Ship
10. Give Me Hell


Comadre-The Youth

1. The Trees Are Starting to Move Now...
2. City Slickers Part Six!
3. Mess With the Best, Undress Like the Rest!
4. Well Damn, If We All Ate the Berries We Might as Well Die Together!
5. Slangin' Rocks in the House of God!
6. Remind Me Never to Stick My Hand Out the Window Again!
7. I Think We're Alone Now!
8. Are You Guys Telling Jokes? I Like Jokes
9. Welcome to Bloodtown, Population Buried!
10. The Trials!
11. I Sleep With My Eyes Open!
12. ... And Everything Is Falling Together, Into a Right Place


Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mercy For None Comp

1. Intro-KRS ONE
2. Naysayer-Left Behind
3. Bad Seed-Harsh Reality
4. Absolute Madness-Frozen Face
5. Unforgiven-Switching Sides
6. Brick-Human Hand Devil's Mind
7. Alpha & Omega-Faded Path